Cheryl Burney

Pilates Reformer Instructor

With an extensive background in Anatomy and Physiology, Cheryl  soon discovered that she wanted to help people feel better.

After being certified for Swedish Massage, Cheryl went on to learn Structural Integration (a painless form of Rolfing) coupled with Movement Education. It was this intensive background and training that qualified her to train as a Pilates instructor, twelve years ago.

Combining the latest thinking in Anatomy, Physiology, Swedish Massage, Structural Integration and Movement with Pilates has enabled Cheryl to not only heal
her own injuries, it has taught her some invaluable lessons which
​she brings to her Strength and Movement work, creating Pilates with Purpose.

Cheryl has used Pilates not only to heal her own injuries, but to help others feel better than when they arrived and to carry that feeling home. She says, “The most important thing I can do for my clients is to educate them, not only with their form during a class, but how to take that form and function and apply it to their daily lives." 

Clients who arrive with one goal in mind often leave with a better sense of balance, increased flexibility and a grace that permeates all movement.  Yet all appreciate the studio’s calm and friendly environment.

​"Pilates never ceases to amaze me in what it can do for people all around,” Cheryl concludes. “Everyone gets to reap the benefits of the results of Pilates classes!”

The best thing?  Watching people walk out the door feeling better and looking happier than when they arrived.  That feeling of satisfaction can't be beat. 

Ellen Chapelle       Pilates Reformer Instructor

Ellen currently resides in San Francisco and teaches group reformer classes and privately in The Bay Area. A year ago, Ellen moved to the Bay area on a unique invitation to train Varsity Soccer Boys in Marin County using her holistic, invigorating, pilates and injury prevention approach for competitive athletes. 

In addition to teaching group pilates, Ellen also teaches privately to people of all ages and physical and capabilities both at their homes or at a private studio in Fairfax. She uses a number of modalities including pilates reformer, pilates mat, yoga, reiki, chi qong, danced base stretching, meditation and movement with breath. Ellen is certified in all levels of mat pilates, yoga, reiki, chi qong and practices heavily in meditation. She is a former classically trained dancer, studied at Alvin Ailey in NYC and has a strong Ashtanga Yoga practice of her own as well. 
Just this past year, Ellen has worked with clients who have had breast cancer, hip replacements, knee replacements, rotater cuff surgeries, heart issues, obesity, herniated disks and more. Under the guise of pilates, her practice has turned slightly more holistic, incorporating more breath, meditation and energy work in addition to strengthening and stretching the body as deems fit.   
Ellen's personal mantra spirituality through physicality, describes her belief that being deeply in tune with our physical instrument is a direct path to purity, health, source and truth, thus leading to more happiness and an improved human existence. She uses this concept as a foundation both as a personal philosophy both in teaching and in life.   

Currently, Ellen resides in San Francisco with her adorable but mischievous puppy, Ruby, and her tall, handsome, Prince-like, Indian boyfriend, Anuj. She loves teaching at Mind Full Pilates and is continually finding ways to add more joy and happiness into her life to enjoy and be shared with others. 

You can read more about her, her history and experience on her website 


Kim Stuart​             Pilates Reformer Instructor

​​​Kim discovered her passion for Pilates more than ten years ago and was inspired by the 360 degree physical, emotional and spiritual effects Pilates had on her overall well-being.  Kim trained extensively in Marin and found that Pilates can help unlock any mind and body blocks, shed aches, pains and stress and improve strength, balance and mindfulness. Her emphasis is on wellness and anti-aging which includes increased flexibility, a stronger core and posture strength. 
Kim has taught private and group sessions on mat and apparatus, including the reformer, chair, tower and barrel. Her goal is to provide clients with challenging and inspiring sessions where they feel amazing, see results, and importantly, have fun.

Haley Whitley

Pilates Reformer Instructor

Haley’s classes create a welcoming and challenging environment for beginning and veteran Pilates students alike. From her first yoga class at age 12 to running marathons as an adult, fitness has always been an integral part of Haley’s life. While completing her Pilates apprenticeship training program through Mind Full Pilates, Haley started her nutritional consulting business,, and works with clients at the studio as well as throughout the Bay Area. She is excited to be able to merge her two passions and pursue a career in both fitness and nutrition.  

Instructors BIO's

Christine Szmanski

Pilates Reformer Instructor

Christine’s passion for pilates started 4 years ago when she attended her first session.  From that point on, she was hooked.  She decided to change careers and became comprehensively certified from Integrated Teacher Training (ITT) at A Body of Work in San Francisco.   She is a firm believer that staying active and healthy leads to an overall better quality of life and has been active her whole life in various sports like gymnastics, cycling, skiing, running, and pilates. Keeping fitness fun, safe, energized and mind/body connected through breath and form in a challenging class are her essential goals with clients. 

Angie Larson

Pilates Reformer Instructor

My primary motive for starting my own studio was to provide a true Pilates workout to the average individual at an affordable price. Pilates has allowed me to refocus my entire outlook on life. I have been practicing since 2010, after undergoing a major upper body surgery. Pilates not only allowed me to regain my strength but has transformed my life in every way. On a daily basis, I am able to witness first hand how Pilates allows individuals to be stronger and more confident.

At Mind Full Pilates, we offer classes at every level, from group-lessons to private one-on-ones.  I feel blessed to be able to share the many benefits of Pilates and the wellness it brings to peoples lives.

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